Who is Blue Ivy?


Tim Johnson, CEO

Tim Johnson is the founder, president, CEO, heart, and soul of Blue Ivy Professional Services. Leveraging decades of experience, he enjoys the challenge of providing human capital solutions for growing organizations. From simple compliance issues to customized communication strategies, he brings the scalable HR expertise necessary to meet your business goals and workforce needs.

A native of Texas, Tim has lived and worked all over the United States throughout his career. Having worked with many types of organizations from global giants to emerging startups, he is fascinated by the ways in which organizations engage with their employees. He has found an affinity for learning what makes an organization tick and then customizing human capital programs and processes to support organizational goals.

Away from the office, Tim finds joy in home maintenance, working in the yard, and watching movies with his dear wife and wrangling his four sweet children. He also spends time volunteering in the community and participating in the West Jordan City Band.

Blue Dots

Ray Ivy

A fifth-generation Texan and a quintessential member of the Greatest Generation, Ray Ivy consistently demonstrated a strong reputation for industry, integrity, and community-building. Breaking horses in the lean years of the 1930s taught him the necessity and value of hard work, and service as a Sergeant in the early forties honed his self-confidence and leadership. After returning home, Ray built roads for the highway department, where his insight and determination were quickly recognized. Thereafter, he supervised infrastructure development projects across the county.

Throughout his career, Ray stayed connected to the values he had learned in his youth. His concern for the well-being of others was readily apparent in his daily life. Building homes for others, providing medication for those who had none, and serving in his local congregation were just some of the hallmarks of his legacy of trust and respect in communities across West Texas.

Blue Dots

Herman Blau

Even from his early years on a sheep ranch in Kansas, Herman Blau built his life around hard work and a commitment to his community. As a result of the famine and crop failures in that region, he relocated to Arizona where he began anew with a tent and four acres.

Through several ventures, some more successful than others, he was consistently recognized as an exceptional business partner, developing a reputation of reliability and expertise that won the trust of customers and business partners alike. Because of this, he was recruited to join a growing plumbing services company, where he ultimately assumed responsibility for all business operations.

Herman created success through diligent and purposeful effort, and he utilized that success to aid those around him. Many times, when a client's bill came due, he gently declined payment from a customer when he felt that it would be more beneficial to build up those around him. Viewing his achievements as a means and not an end, he ensured that his vision was always focused on benefiting his community, his neighbors, and his family.

Blue Dots

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Our Mission

Improve client culture and profitability by enhancing culture, implementing efficiency and compliance initiatives, and developing amazing employees, teams, and leaders.

Our Values

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  • Trust comes from transparency and consistent reliability.
  • Clients trust us and we trust each other to do the right thing, do it amazingly, and do it on time.
  • Feedback is given and received openly, with respect, and with the intent for mutual improvement and implementing best practices.
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  • Understanding and compassion are the channels via which we interact with clients and with each other. These are not an excuse for poor performance, rather they are an aspiration for excellence
  • Work life balance is an expectation for our employees from both internal and external partnerships.
  • We build meaningful professional relationships as part of our quest for excellence.
  • No jerks allowed.

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  • We use positivity, light-heartedness, humor, happiness, and open communication.
  • We embrace an inviting and exciting work environment by expressing open and sincere recognition, appreciation, and gratitude.

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  • Everyone works together toward shared goals, even the boss man.
  • We respect all coworkers and clients for their individuality and expect the same in return.
  • Trust is granted freely along with great expectations.
  • We exude pride, ownership, accountability, reliability, and trusted autonomy.
  • A rising tide lifts all ships. We are successful when we succeed together.

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  • We constantly challenge ourselves to grow and improve. We are never perfect. Perfect means an end and endings stink.
  • We become subject matter experts through continuous improvement and professional development.
  • We leverage our experiences to provide applicable insight.
  • We are empowered to exercise autonomy, take initiative, be resourceful, foster creativity, and innovate greatness.