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Case Studies

Image of a quarry machine with the logo Bolinder Resources on it.

Case Study: Harnessing the Precise Power of Pay

How accurate compensation practices empower business leaders.

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Image of a printing machine in the middle of printing.

Case Study: Accessing Hidden Talent Pools

Do I let production suffer while I continue looking for a qualified candidate, or do I hire an unqualified candidate who will slow down production for months, or maybe years?

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Image of a woman with curly dark hair and greenish-blue shirt holding some binders. She is looking up with her hand on her forehead with a worried look on her face.

Weathering the Storm

Tempests in the workplace can threaten the security and success of an organization. What can be done to weather these storms?

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Image of a group of office workers helping each other up different sized blocks.

Culture Building Activity

If you can get all the people in your organization rowing in the same direction, you will dominate in any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.

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Image of two workers with the wording Contractor or Employee? The distinction is more nuanced than you think above their heads. One male worker is talking on the phone at a desk in a nice blue shirt and tie, and there is a clock behind him on the wall. The other male worker is at a desk in casual clothes, a t-shirt, with a pencil and pen in a holder on the desk.

Contractor or Employee?

The distinction is more nuanced than you think.

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Image of a woman with a cast on her leg at a doctor's office consulting with doctor

Workplace Injury Guidelines

All employees should report incidents immediately with no fear of retaliation. These guidelines will help get an employee treated and back to work.

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Image of a chart of a range of ages of children and what hours they can work at certain ages and if they get any breaks or not.

Child Labor Laws

A chart that shows the Federal and Utah State Child Labor Laws by age.

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Image of a criminal background check document with a pen and file folder sitting on top of it.

Background Checks - A Considered Approach

Background checks are used to create a workplace that is more compliant, safer, and more productive.

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Image of two women looking at documents at an office table.

Employee Recordkeeping Systems

Having unified employee recordkeeping systems can increase efficiency and save a company from exposure to liability.

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Image of revolving doors that have silver metal framework and glass in the framework.

Revolving Doors

Most people give no thought to the mind-shattering terror and next-level athleticism required to negotiate the cyclonic fury, and maybe some have even become accustomed to it, but I have had enough!

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Image of a man slumped in an office chair with a glazed look on his face.

Zombie Employees

Despite their glossed - over eyes, lethargy, grunting and moaning, they somehow creep up on you unexpectedly and eat away at your productivity.

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Image of Drugs at Work Video. Words on image say, Blue Ivy presents - Drugs at Work: Why do e care and what do we do? There is a blue background and the words are in white and yellow fonts.

Drugs at Work

Taking a considered approach to drug testing in the workplace requires evalutation of the benefits as well as the risks.

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Image of Meet James video. Words on image say, Meet James! There is blue background and the words are in white. There is a cartoon looking man with white hair.

Meet James!

A comparison between different service models and a rationale for why Blue Ivy Professional Services is the right option to shape an amazing workplace.

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